Piece by Piece - A Mosaic of Support

In the heart of Los Angeles, within the vibrant tapestry of the community, there exists a sanctuary where art and support intertwine to create something magical. Piece by Piece is not just an art program; it's a refuge, a school of life, and a beacon of hope for those who have faced the shadows of hardship. It's a place where the beauty of mosaic art becomes the foundation for rebuilding lives with care, compassion, and creativity.

All of the participants at Piece by Piece have experienced homelessness, economic insecurity, or significant trauma. For these often overlooked individuals, Piece by Piece offers much more than just an opportunity to create art—it offers a chance at a new chapter in life. This program stands out because it isn't a one-time intervention; it's a commitment to long-term success and stability, offering a depth of support often not found elsewhere.

The Piece by Piece Family

A Home for All Artists
Piece by Piece is an inclusive community, embracing everyone from beginners to advanced artists. It's a nurturing ground that recognizes the unique journey of each participant, providing a personalized learning experience. Here, every person who qualifies finds their place, their pace, and their pathway to growth. This past year, Piece by Piece proudly extended its reach to include veterans, honoring their service by offering the support and community they deserve.

Lifelong Learning and Support
The program's life skills classes, art workshops, open studios, and mentoring ensure that each step taken by the participants is steady and sure. Over the past two years, thanks to the generosity of donors, Piece by Piece has enhanced its offerings, expanding the scope of services that foster self-sufficiency and empowerment.

Artists in Class

Beyond Art: Building Life Skills
Participants engage in more than just art; they cultivate vital soft skills. Communication, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities are all honed within Piece by Piece's nurturing walls, equipping participants with tools that serve them in all walks of life.

Financial Independence through Social Enterprise
Piece by Piece is also a social enterprise, providing flexible work opportunities. Participants can sell their artwork through various platforms or earn wages by working hours that suit their individual needs. This fosters a sense of financial independence and stability, catering to each person's unique circumstances, whether they are health-related, due to benefit restrictions, or caregiving responsibilities.

Creating a mosaic in the social enterprise

A Bilingual and Accommodating Workplace
The social enterprise aspect of Piece by Piece is unique in its approach to meeting the needs of its artists. It's a bilingual workplace where communication barriers are lowered, allowing artists to focus on their craft without language concerns. The program also understands that not everyone can or wants to follow detailed instructions, so it provides opportunities for artists to engage in tasks that suit their individual abilities and preferences.

Responding to Unique Needs
Piece by Piece responds to the unique needs of its artists by providing life skills classes, human resources training, indvidual coaching, and fostering an environment of workplace kindness. This understanding of the extra support needed is what makes the program more than just an art workshop—it's a holistic approach to personal and professional development.

Piece by Piece is not just an art program—it's a lifeline for many, offering a family and a community that cherishes each individual. It stands as a testament to the transformative power of art and community support, nurturing individuals to heal, grow, and thrive.

The mosaics created at Piece by Piece are more than artworks; they are stories of resilience, hope, and the belief that, piece by piece, we can craft a better world for all.

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