In Honor of Black History Month: Celebrating Mosaics Created by Black Artists at Piece by Piece

This Black History Month, we take a moment to celebrate the stories, art, and resilience of Black artists within the Piece by Piece community. This vibrant collective, comprising both current members and alumni, showcases the transformative power of mosaic art. Today, we spotlight the unique journeys of our certified artist team, highlighting their contributions and the beauty of their work. 

Jeanette: A Symphony of Creativity and Dedication

Jeanette's story is a beautiful narrative of resilience and the continuous journey of artistic growth. Her path demonstrates that even significant life changes, such as relocating, are merely pauses in the pursuit of art. After a short break to settle into her new surroundings, she rejoined our community with even more enthusiasm and dedication to her craft.

Drawing inspiration from the natural world, Jeanette brings the essence of the outdoors into her art. She has a particular affinity for stained glass, a medium that allows her to play with light and color in ways that mirror the beauty she sees in nature. This choice of medium not only showcases her unique talent but also her ability to see the world through a lens of wonder and possibility. Her story is not just about the art she creates but the journey of continuous learning and the joy found in following one's heart.

Mirror by Jeanette

 John: A Journey of Resilience

John with mosaic heartJohn, a Los Angeles native, has been with Piece by Piece for eight years, finding in the community a path to healing and self-discovery. Despite facing significant health challenges, John's engagement with mosaic art has been a source of psychological therapy and personal growth. His story is a testament to the strength found in creative expression and the supportive environment that Piece by Piece offers. John's dedication to his art, without currently having items for sale, underscores his passion and commitment to the craft.

June: Crafting Beauty from Adversity

Artist JuneJune's story is one of triumph over adversity. Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, she has navigated through domestic violence, homelessness, and a battle with breast cancer. Joining Piece by Piece in 2015, June found a powerful outlet for expression and healing through mosaic art. Her work, available for sale on the Piece by Piece website, reflects her journey towards healing and her dedication to community service. June's creations are a vibrant testament to her resilience and the transformative power of art.  

Dianne: A Natural Mosaic Artist

Artist DianneDianne's affinity for mosaic art shines through her use of stained glass and diverse materials, creating pieces that are as innovative as they are beautiful. Her work, characterized by its vibrant colors and intricate designs, is a reflection of her passion for the craft. Dianne's mosaics, available for purchase, offer a glimpse into her creative spirit and dedication to pushing the boundaries of traditional mosaic art. 

Terry: A Passion for Detail and Meaning

Artist Alum TerryTerry's work in the Piece by Piece community is marked by her detailed, colorful, and passionate approach to mosaic art. Her personal creations, infused with meaning and crafted with care, are a testament to her love for the medium. Terry's pieces, also available for sale, embody her commitment to adding beauty and depth to the world through her art.

The Essence of Piece by Piece
Piece by Piece is not just an art program; it's a source of healing, a space for creativity, a community of empowerment, and a place to be a part of something transformational. The stories of John, June, Dianne, and Terry illustrate the diverse paths that have converged in this unique space, where art serves as a bridge to recovery, self-expression, and community connection. The artists featured in this artcle have all gone through the Piece by Piece Certification Program.

As we honor the contributions of Black artists this Black History Month, let's also celebrate the ongoing journey of all artists at Piece by Piece. Their work, much of which is available for sale on the Piece by Piece website, invites us to support and engage with the vibrant legacy they are building. Through their art, they remind us of the enduring impact of creativity, resilience, and community.

Let's continue to uplift these incredible artists by exploring their work and sharing their stories. Their contributions enrich not only the Piece by Piece community but also the broader tapestry of our shared history and culture.

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