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  • In Honor of Black History Month: Celebrating Mosaics Created by Black Artists at Piece by Piece

    In Honor of Black History Month: Celebrating Mosaics Created by Black Artists at Piece by Piece

    This Black History Month, we take a moment to celebrate the stories, art, and resilience of Black artists within the Piece by Piece community. This vibrant collective, comprising both current members and alumni, showcases the transformative power of mosaic art.
  • Inspired by Marvin Gaye

    Inspired by Marvin Gaye

    More than six years after joining Piece by Piece and having learned so much, I was given an assignment to create a portrait of a recognizable person from my past. The choice of a suitable subject was clear. It had been nearly forty years since we had lost Marvin, and I had a great photo of my old basketball buddy on my phone.
  • A Few of our Favorite Things

    A Few of our Favorite Things

    We are excited to share with you "A Few of Our Favorite Things," a thoughtfully curated collection by the Piece by Piece artists. This collection is handpicked by the talented artists and staff at Piece by Piece. These pieces show the...

  • In the Studio

    In the Studio

    All of us at Piece by Piece are proud of the work of June, Hector, Claressa, and John are doing to bring their unique visions to life. Each artist in the Piece by Piece family contributes to the rich tapestry of creativity at Piece by Piece. We will feature other artists in future posts. 
  • Introducing Andrea: Newly Certified Artist

    Introducing Andrea: Newly Certified Artist

    Andrea's journey with Piece by Piece commenced as she stumbled upon Mercado la Paloma, a place that had long piqued her curiosity and interest. With ample time on her hands following the pandemic, Andrea found herself yearning for a purpose,...

  • Artist smiling and working on flower mosaics.

    Embarking on an Artistic Odyssey: Ricardo's Mosaic Journey at Piece by Piece

    Formerly a pizza delivery person, he spent a significant chunk of his life navigating the neighborhood. During his deliveries, he frequently found himself at the doors of Piece by Piece, the studio's vibrant mosaic creations leaving an indelible mark on his imagination.