Introducing Andrea: Newly Certified Artist

Andrea's journey with Piece by Piece commenced as she stumbled upon Mercado la Paloma, a place that had long piqued her curiosity and interest. With ample time on her hands following the pandemic, Andrea found herself yearning for a purpose, a way to break free from the monotony of her days. Piece by Piece emerged as the perfect sanctuary, beckoning her to join its creative community.

For Andrea, Piece by Piece is not merely an art class; it's a form of therapy. It serves as her anchor, a refuge that keeps her grounded and shields her from the shadows that once plagued her. Through mosaic art, she discovered a newfound sense of presence and a means to navigate life's challenges.

Before Andrea's journey with Piece by Piece, the idea of creating art seemed like an unattainable dream. However, the program's nurturing environment and supportive community shattered that belief. Andrea's love for mosaic art blossomed, with a particular affinity for the captivating allure of glass on glass. The way light dances through these pieces, revealing their inner beauty, captivated her heart.

Artist Andrea

The pursuit of certification beckoned Andrea, offering an invaluable opportunity to expand her knowledge and skills. Working alongside the incredibly talented artists within the Social Enterprise team was an irresistible draw. She couldn't let this chance for growth and collaboration pass her by.

Andrea's goals for certification are simple yet profound: to learn as much as she can and contribute to projects, whether large or small, with unbridled enthusiasm. Her dedication to learning and her eagerness to be a part of the creative process shine through in her every endeavor.

As a person, Andrea has undergone a remarkable transformation since joining Piece by Piece. Previously wrestling with PTSD, she now finds herself content and focused on the present and the promise of a brighter future. The darkness that once clouded her mind has given way to a newfound clarity. Instead of dwelling on sorrow, she sets her sights on home improvement projects, future creations at Piece by Piece, and the possibilities that lie ahead.

Looking ahead, Andrea harbors a dream: to create her very own mural. She has already beenĀ invited to join in on a large commissioned mural project and is finding the process challenging yet profoundly rewarding.Ā 

Andrea's mosaic creations, born from her therapeutic journey of self-discovery, are now available for purchase on our website. Each piece encapsulates her resilience and her artistic style. When you acquireĀ one of Andrea's pieces, you not only support her artistic journey but also become part of her ongoing narrative as an artist. Explore the Piece by PieceĀ website to witness the beauty of Andrea's mosaic artistry and to bring a piece of her unique creativity into your life.

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