September: A Focus on Symbolism

Instructors Luz Mack and Dawn Mendelson led a series of workshops in September focusing on symbolism. The introduction workshop shared examples of different types of symbols and their meanings through a series of slideshows, including imagery from different cultures and religions as well as symbols that have crossed cultures such as the lotus flower, the spiral, and imagery of peace and hope. The group discussed which images were important to them and created small works featuring imagery that resonated most in their lives. 

symbols made out of mosaic

In the second part of the workshop series, participant artists chose another symbol to create using the double reverse method in mosaic. In addition to practicing a different style of application, everyone was encouraged to create a traditional andamento (flow) for their background, thus practicing cutting techniques and design to improve and practice these skills.

“Symbolism is an important part of all cultures throughout history, from the hieroglyphics of ancient times to more modern images of peace,” says instructor Dawn Mendelson. “This workshop series created opportunities to explore and learn about other cultures, and a collaborative project will reflect the ideas and values of everyone who participated.”

symbols made out of mosaic

All of the symbols created for the second part of the workshops are being assembled into a group project to which all participant artists are contributing. Symbols include the sun, the lotus, the spiral, and several adinkra (African) symbols as well as symbols of peace and nature.

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